Frequently Asked Questions

Q? How soon after I have had my baby can I start?
A. We recommend 4-6 weeks after a natural delivery and 6-8 weeks after a caesarean. You need to get clearance from your doctor or midwife before starting an exercise programme.

Q? What do I need to bring to class?
A. Wear comfortable clothes; bring a bottle of water and a gym mat if you have one… and your baby of course!

Q? Will exercising affect my breastmilk supply or quality?
A. No

Q? What happens if my baby cries or needs to feed??
A. That is no problem at all. All babies have an off day occasionally and we are never far from a baby changing station or feeding room. You can stop during the class and re-join when your baby is settled. All the mom’s go through the same thing!

Q? Do I need a jogging pram / stroller?
A. No, a regular pram / stroller will do just fine